Tree Family is an education effort targeting public lands—like parks and schools—with projects and programs that address an array of issues to a diversity of people. Tree Family puts a particular emphasis on the value of the "trees where you live."

Tree Family stirs school children to a newfound awareness about trees and leads its participants to a closer contact with the soil. It promotes an observance of wonder in the common and encourages people to consider advanced instruction in tree-care and to lobby elected officials of importance in their own community.

All who participate in Tree Family will learn that caring for the forest where they live is not only good for the environment and the character of a neighborhood, but also contributes to a strong notion of citizenship and strengthens personal health.

What better way for  families, friends and neighbors to turn themselves into a brigade of community volunteers ready to put their talents to work in the community. Tree Family allows people to participate in something much bigger than themselves, improving our urban forest canopy immediately and for years to come.