Get the grow grove going!

pictureTime and time again, it is shown that a single individual is generally behind the success of an innovative idea. No matter what, the universe goes on; and above all, we must share love. Love risks vulnerability; there's really no self-protection in love except giving love. It is the way that is opposite of control. We must be elevated from self-consciousness to whole-consciousness. We must lead the way for our children to understand this.




According to the Children's Defense Fund, every eight seconds of every school day another student drops out. Important components to Tree Family Schools are community workdays.  Community workdays are occasions when outside partners (businesses, picturecivic groups, parents) come to the campus and work helping to mulch, water, plant, pick up litter, make a garden... the list is seemingly limitless, ultimately making the school a healthier learning environment. Not only will this have a dramatic effect on the school's appearance, but the students who participate then believe their school environment belongs to them, heading them toward a future that is full of awe with what can be found in the science of nature, making them care more and if their own parents participate, the effect can be exponential.