Who is Appleseedz?

Tim Womick has performed before a million faces. He enjoys entertaining with jokes, props and song, and at the same time exposing others a bit more deeply to the natural world around them.

Tim is often referred to as a modern-day Johnny Appleseed. Since 1990, Tim has criss-crossed the United States (and even visited a few foreign countries) with his highly animated Trail of Trees (really a Tale of Trees), educating people of all ages about the importance of these beings to their community's health and their own human potential.

His fast-paced and highly animated program is "performance art" that brings up to a dozen students on stage to become part of the act—perhaps in song, tree imitations, and plenty of comic relief.

Across the nation educators are searching for ways to make school relevant to students and to curb the number of students who drop out of school. Jump-starting students' imagination about the world around them, making school and learning more relevant to them is the program's desired outcome.