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Comments from teachers and administrators include:

September 15, 2009

Dear Tim,

I hope you heard your praises ringing from the rafters!

Everyone at Imagine It! truly loved your programming.  My Imaginators thought you were stellar and wanted to know if you could come back  every week.  (To which I answered, no.)

They said you really keyed into the audience and were able to flow with the different age groups.  This is a rare talent indeed.  I will get folks in here who say that they are very experienced performing for children and then toddlers in the audience will knock them for a loop.

Thank you again.

Pam Duncan
Manager of Museum Programming
Imagine It!
The Children's Museum of Atlanta

March 22, 2008

Dear Tim,

My sincerest thanks to you for sharing your passion and professionalism in the 2008 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show's acclaimed seminar series. I enjoyed working with you and want to thank you for participating in one of the world's great garden shows.

Warm regards,
Janet Endsley
Seminar Manager
San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

February 3, 2008

Dear Tim,

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my thanks for your program.  Before you came, I was wondering what the benefit of it would be.  It was clear when I attended your presentation.

It is a know fact that we retain information when it sung to us and when it is actively presented to us.  You hit the nail on the head. The students were actively engaged throughout the program.  All the students!

Transpiration, evaporation, and erosion are vividly in my memory bank!  You did a marvelous job. It was obvious you were very well prepared and enjoy what you do.

Lisa Miller, 4th grade teacher
Frangus Elementary
Orlando, Florida

April 17, 2006

Dear Tim,

Thank you very, very much for participating in our Asheville Arbor Day celebration at Vance Elementary School on April 1. Your performance was great—so much participation. I was as excited as the kids. And the fact your friends helped you out was a plus—thank them for us please. Here is your check.You are worth a million and I wish I had it. Hope you considercoming back to Asheville, maybe next year at another location. Good luck with your Spring schedule—bet you keep really busy.
Thanks again.

Sincerely, Susan Roderick
Executive Director
Quality Forward

Asheville, NC 28802