Tour des Trees

I can't begin to tell you how I feel about not being able to ride the 2010 STHIL Tour des Trees.

For the past 13 years, for one week a year, I've had the good fortune to tune-out the real world and tune-in to a very special world of cycling and tree advocacy! Being in the company of such a diverse crew of TREE Fund supporters —and the experience itself—really enhances ones well-being by more than osmosis.

After each tour I've returned home energized and stoked to stay in tip-top shape, and make what part of the world I can a better place. I'm going to miss all of my TdT pals.

The nineteen day California State Fair has moved its dates up a month beginning July 14. This will be the fourth year I've hosted their "Green Dream" Stage.

The Tour des Trees is the single-largest fundraiser for tree research on planet earth. If you can ride it , do. It'll change your life. If you can't ride, volunteer, it's almost as good as the ride. If what you can do is send a check get on it!

Please checkout and join our effort to recruit new community tree advocates... our solution to ensuring healthy, beautiful, life supporting trees for generations to come.


Video from last year's Tour des Trees!

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